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kigamin replied to your post “Leaving home tomorrow.”

That sounds lovely! I bet you’ll have a great time, and you’ll call your mom everyday and tell her all the awesome things you did <33 *hugs*

I will! <3

Leaving home tomorrow.

Gonna be staying at a hotel in Nottingham, and then move into my university dorm the next day.

I have very mixed feelings. I feel excited thinking about all the new people I’ll be meeting, but also scared because I’ll be away from my mom for the first time in my life. ;A;

I’m also kinda excited to start drawing in my new sketchbooks. I was surprised that the university asked us to buy them - thought I’d be done with sketchbooks now and forevermore after art. One of the sketchbooks is pocket-sized which is really cute and I can do mini sketches. 8D

Really excited to meet fellow Taiwanese students too, ehuehue. I’ve never once met another Taiwanese person in school ever since I came to England. YIPEE I CAN GUSH ABOUT HOW AWESOME TAIWANESE FOOD IS AND THEY’LL ALL UNDERSTAND.

And I’ll be checking out the anime society to see if there are any weaboos. And look for a Souls fan in the game society. It’ll be great. :D

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